The majority of employers WILL check your references. For many companies this is a standard procedure and often an offer is contingent upon references checking out.
  • List professional references. Employers will want to speak with people that have supervised you and your work.
  • Do NOT list co-workers or subordinates unless they have had occasion to review your performance. This is a waste of time for your prospective employer.
  • If you have never worked professionally, try and locate people you know from organizations, i.e. church, associations, school, etc. A reference from a teacher or a supervisor from a summer job is more appropriate than listing your best friend.
  • Make sure you contact all of the people you have listed BEFORE you distribute their names and phone numbers.
  • If one of your references has left the company with whom you were both affiliated, ensure that the prospective employer knows what your association with that person was.
  • List a minimum of three references.
  • Always give a copy of your resume to each of your references.
  • References can make or break you. Be selective in the people you list.

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