Payrolling situations are becoming more common for employers who locate contract candidates without the assistance of a recruiter. In a traditional payrolling situation, employers have located the candidate, but do NOT want to add him/her to their own payroll. Employers need a back-office provider to become the employer for the contract employee, thus eliminating a variety of paperwork issues, benefit problems, liability, exposure, etc. Independent contract employees (1099s) are often converted to W-2 payrolled employees.

The cost of this service is minimal and is based on the contractor's pay rate, work state, and job description. Clients are invoiced weekly based on the hours submitted by the contract employee on an approved timesheet.

All Accounting Partners Contracting employees are paid every week. In addition, we provide the option for Direct Deposit free of charge. Expense reimbursements can also be handled through our Payroll Department.

Time sheets are collected on Monday and the contractors will be paid for those hours on Friday. To further expedite the payroll cycle, all paychecks are mailed on Thursdays. Contractors also have the ability to request a payroll deduction for Federal Expressed paychecks.

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